Thoughtful, Single-Question Surveys Designed for People, Not “Data Collection

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Our Single-Question Survey Programs

Staff Engagement Surveys (32/yr)

Our Staff Engagement Surveys and tools will help you create and maintain a culture you can be proud of.

Volunteer Engagement Surveys (23/yr)

Our Volunteer Engagement tools will help you engage and retain volunteers by identifying problems – before they grow

Supporter Engagement Surveys (16/yr)

Our Supporter Engagement tools will help you ensure your supporter outreach programs are being well received.

Included Tools Designed to Uplift, Grow, and Improve

KUDOS2U Peer Encouragement Program

Easy to use encouragement templates generate beautifully crafted, personalized emails recipients will treasure

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Automated Volunteer and Supporter Exit Interviews

Self-selected exit interviews to help you understand the real reasons behind volunteer and supporter departures

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The Healthy Leaders Initiative Surveys (16/yr)

Ask a group of friends, colleagues, and family members to respond to confidential surveys about you

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