30SecondSurveys.com was created out of the realization that what people say when faced with an “accountability program” – doesn’t necessarily reflect their true feelings (fear) about the program, nor the potential lengths they will go to minimize any negative impact of said accountability program

The Unspoken Dilemmas We Face

By Arne Huse, Principal Architect, 30SecondSurveys.com

I was leading a very large Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project in New Jersey, USA, while still living here in Chilliwack, British Columbia. In good weather, it was a minimum ten hour commute, and flight delays were the norm. But that’s not the story.

For those of you who may not be familiar with CRM software, the basic principle involves having all customer-facing employees at a company – enter the details of their interactions with customers into a centralized database. In theory, this allows company management to gain a window into customer relationships, and employee performance. SalesForce.com and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are examples of CRM solutions.

The Unspoken Dilemma

I discovered that in training – company employees would heap praise on the CRM program, and the benefits of information sharing, only to work quietly in concert to defeat the system. I came to realize that there were unspoken motivations driving the employee choice to forgo the (very real) benefits of information sharing, and there was no way to convince them otherwise.

30SecondSurveys.com was born out of the unspoken dilemma driving employees of the company.

“it is a strange dog that willingly carries the stick with which it will be beaten”

Professor Douglas G. Hartle

Have you ever (secretly) dreaded the day your survey results were scheduled to come in? As leaders, are we not supposed to (openly) welcome accountability, so we can improve?

Accepting The Truth About Surveys

Everyone hates surveys! Consider how many survey invitations you personally have ignored in the past month. Even when we care deeply about the topic, many of us leave surveys unfinished when we realize their “short survey” is anything but short! For those of us who have responded to a traditional survey, we are seldom allowed to see transparent survey results, let alone witness any post-survey changes in the organization.

But it goes deeper than that. Survey results have gotten leaders fired, demoted, or sent for “sensitivity training”. At a base level, the results from traditional surveys can leave hurt feelings.

I realized organizations can’t stop conducting surveys because of all these issues, but I needed to design a solution to minimize their impact. 30SecondSurveys.com seeks to reduce the unintended negative impacts of traditional surveys.

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