Have you ever been shocked by negative employee survey results and been unsure which issue to address first? Have you ever had positive survey results, only to be followed by periods of high staff turnover? Give 30SecondSurveys.com a try.

What We do for Clients

We start by launching four, weekly single-question “benchmark” surveys (your first four are included in our free trial). Here is an example of our Staff Engagement Benchmark Series (by week number):

  1. At work, staff members receive effective communication on matters that affect us
  2. At work, my opinions seem to matter
  3. I know what is expected of me at work
  4. At work, we confront problems and issues openly and directly

Within a few days of each survey launch, you’ll receive our “Quick-View” report (for those of you who start a report from the last page), as well as our in-depth consolidated report (for data lovers like me).

After the benchmark series, we move to scheduled surveys every two-to-four weeks, repeating the same benchmark series later on in the year to highlight any changes.

The positive or negative results of each survey (agreement/disagreement) can provide a topic of conversation in an ongoing performance dialog with your staff. If you require additional time before the next survey launches, it can be easily rescheduled.

Why We Do It

At 30SecondSurveys.com, we believe:

  • Staff engagement surveys should be an ongoing performance dialog, not an annual event
  • Obtaining >80% response to a single survey question – is far more valuable to leadership than a 30% response to a twenty-question survey
  • Stakeholder surveys shouldn’t “target” or embarrass individual supervisors or leaders
  • People frequently quit their jobs without identifying areas of workplace dissatisfaction – particularly in caring organizations
  • Survey respondents must know their responses are 100% confidential, and managed by an independent third party

Additional Staff Engagement Tools (Included with paid subscriptions)

KUDOS2U Peer Encouragement Program

Encourage: to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope

Our easy-to-use encouragement templates produce beautiful emails recipients will cherish.